An elder in the Church   shared a story  that has to do with when he was much younger. In the Church he was attending...

An elder in the Church   shared a story  that has to do with when he was much younger. In the Church he was attending then, he was the one in the technical room of the church. He always sees to the maximum functioning of the engine, microphones,etc.

He said, the church has a culture of appreciating outstanding church workers every December 31st during the cross over night service when the church will be filled to its capacity with people in the overflow. For more than 4 years, the church has never remember to appreciate anybody in the technical room. The attention has always been on those workers that members are seeing every Sunday, every service, etc. Not someone in a room that people might not see when they are coming in into the church because he will be in the technical room before the commencement of service and will still be there when members are going home.

He was feeling neglected and forgotten by the church as it appears that he is not recognized and his efforts of making the church services great with excellent P.A system output was not counted worthy of appreciation.

Then, there came that particular December 31st of that year. It was time to recognize those outstanding workers again. There names were called and they were celebrated with ovations and were given awards/gifts. This man’s name was not called again. He got angry and told himself that he needs to ‘ teach them lesson’. He removed the plugs of all the microphones at once. The people in the auditorium saw there was still light but the microphones were no longer working. It was then some elders of the church and some people rushed into the technical room and they asked the man what happened, then he said ‘ so, you people know now that someone is working here to make the Microphones work? I removed it myself…’. They got the message. He fixed back the microphones and after the service, the pastor called him to admonish him and promised to appreciate him. He reminded him that God is the best rewarder. He said, his conscience smote him and he had to repent the manifestation of carnality he displayed.

Friends, are you like this beloved brother?. Are you working tirelessly in the church, in your ministry, in your company , or at home as a wife, husband, or a leader of an organization and it seems as if nobody is applauding and acknowledging your silent labour?. You are getting the feeling of neglect and obscurity and something is telling you and pushing you to ‘ remove the ‘plugs of the microphones’ so that you can call attention to yourself and make people notice you by all means?. Are you thinking of ‘removing the plugs of the microphones’ by reducing your loyalty, dedication , faithfulness, doggedness, to your work, life, ministry, family and Noble courses?.

Let me encourage you friends, yes, it is true that we all need motivation and appreciation from people. But even if they are not appreciating us, let’s continue in doing good. There is a God in heaven who records and rewards His faithful servants. Are you a missionary In a far away land, and it seems as if you are forgotten by brethren and you are already thinking of packing it up? I encourage you to toil on. God who sent you there has not forgotten you. Every silent labour done for God is loud in His ears. He won’t forget you. Read what His words says ‘ For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints. (Hebrew 6:10).

As a wife, as a husband, whether your spouse is acknowledging your good deeds or not, please don’t stop doing good. Don’t be good because you want to impress your spouse but because you want to please God; the God of marriage.

In whatever ‘technical room’ you might be working and it seems as if you are not seen or celebrated, if you are sure that God is the one who appointed you there, please, don’t quit and don’t remove ‘the plugs of the microphones’. Be encouraged!. Reward is coming!

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