How joyful will you be, if I show you a supermarket, where you can get all you desire for free? Yes!!! You read it... FREE SHOPPING IN A SUPERMARKET

How joyful will you be, if I show you a supermarket, where you can get all you desire for free?

Yes!!! You read it correctly; free goods from a big shopping mall. All you need to do is, be smart and play on the intelligence of the sales representatives. Trust me, those ladies are dumb ass. You’ll get all you need for free!! I think that sounds nice to some people, while some see it as an error, but if I’m to make a random sampling, most Nigerians will love to know that Supermarket. Or won’t you like to pay such supermarket a visit?

Well, I’d like to inform you that in Nigeria, there’s a system that’s in place, a system void of positive values, a system that exalts wrongdoing and abhor integrity. A system that celebrates corruption without remorse, a man stole from the national cake, was jailed in US, and after serving his jail terms, the community came out massively to celebrate an icon of doom. What ebb on the mentality of such community!!!

By the way, I’m not particular about the Rulers of the; Government made by the People for their Pocket by their Position called our leaders. My concern is about individuals, how that many of us have lost our integrity. Men roam about without a sense of responsibility. We live each day to fit-in, to the old wives’ tale set in motion in this nation. We promote the folly set in place. Privileged individual uses his position to satisfy himself.

The acclaimed leaders of tomorrow are nothing but money – grubbers, It was recorded few year s back that; 3 million Nigerians lost 18 billion on Ponzi, and we still have people investing in such failed sytem. Cyber scam is growing at a rate synonymous to the speed of light.Our mentality has been soaked with an erroneous value, which in return make every wrong thing looks right.

Is it not funny how employers will refuse to pay the salaries of employees, who serve as the lifeblood of such business?

Is it not preposterous to see Student Union leaders, purloining from the union’s budget?


Am I to emphasis how this system encourages nepotism?

What about the employee using the office WiFi do download irrelevant files? That looks simple, right? You are also a promoter of the evil in our land

The system encourages nothing but best way to get everything for free.

We want free Education

Free Shelter

Free Labour

Free Money

Free Life

In short, we want everything to be presented to us on the platter of gold. Many have lost value for truth and loyalty. All we clamor is the corrupt leaders we have, but have we examined the path to leadership in this country? We have bad leaders because the followers are bad? Or, is it not the yesterday’s followers that are today’s leaders? And today’s followers will be tomorrow’s leaders!!! Are you saying our nation will be better if you are opportune to serve?


What’s your contribution to the moral decadence in our nation?

How have you served as messenger of corruption?

What are you doing right now that’s promoting the evil in our land?

Why not allow the change you desire to start from you?

It’s good you start considering the motive behind every of your action from this moment.

Let it start from myself and you

Let’s make this determination and be resolute

I will be a problem solver, not part of the problem that needs to be solved

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