I want to introduce to you a personality with a great sense of humor; she’s an epitome of beauty that beautifies whosoever that makes... SHIT HAPPENS WHEN SLAVE TURNS MASTER

I want to introduce to you a personality with a great sense of humor; she’s an epitome of beauty that beautifies whosoever that makes the best use of her

She’s the epitome of beauty, the complete definition of integrity, she’s a faithful slave to her master, and she brings all that cry for her help out of mud and set them on their feet

She’s easy to locate yet easy to lose, she doesn’t fail in her assignment if properly handled, she doesn’t force anyone to act but remain a driving force for all that care

She’s available to everyone at the same measure and standard; there’s no partiality in her agenda, in her case, there’s nothing like a second chance

If you miss her once, you will never recover that simple measure you missed again!!


You are meant to be her manager, but the reverse may be the case if you handle her carelessly

She’s in love with everyone but some will always see her as a threat; while serving as enemy to some other. But to be candid, she loves with the whole of her heart.

She’s your best friend if you adhere strictly to her principle of management, but your greatest enemy if you don’t know how best to manage her

She’s single yet married to everyone that’s still existing; only the dead are free from her grip

You are married to her, if you romance with her on your bed all day, she’s willing to stay with you and if you chose to get busy with daily chores, she’s very much available

She’s never tired nor weary, you got married on your birthday and will be separated on your death date….. You are married till death crush you

Yes!!! She can’t be crushed, you met her here and you will leave her here!!!

Your benefit for getting married to her can only be expressed in how best you add value to your life, how best you utilize every opportunity that comes your way, how much hay you were able to make while the sun shines, how deep you were able to go into the river while your strength has not failed

She’s a slave to the wise and the hardworking personalities, but a master to the fools and the lazy bones

You can’t stretch her beyond the provision she made for you, but you can stretch yourself to go beyond her normal provision

She will never give more than 24 solid blocks each day, the number of blocks laid out of the 24 she provides is your sole responsibility but the tragedy is that each of the blocks will get crush if not properly managed

The blocks are always in motion, once a block missed, you will never have the opportunity of seeing that block again. A block missed can cost you unending tears, it can even lead to a delay in your normal pace of development.

The single hole left can be your reason to live below the standard you set for your life.

This is a personification; the personality is TIME

Every man has twenty four hours per day, the difference between those that are successful and those that are less successful is nothing but what they do with their time

Learn the ART of timing, time management is the bedrock of any successful business

You must make hay while the sun shines, you must be proactive, and you must prepare beforehand, don’t just assume, and plan your time all the way.

Even in a very clear terms, the bible says; all the days are evil but it is your responsibility to always redeem the time!!!

You can only redeem the time by making the best use of it.

Thorough planning of your time and accurate scheduling of your activities is all you need to be the master of your own time!!!


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