It is a faithful saying that; a book cannot be judged by mere looking at the cover. If you are yet to peruse through... THE godMAN THAT RULES THE WORLD

It is a faithful saying that; a book cannot be judged by mere looking at the cover. If you are yet to peruse through the contents of such book, you cannot possibly conclude if the book has the value you desired or not.

Again, I put it to you that; the price of a book is not the yardstick to measure how valuable, qualitative and useful the book is. The content is essential in determining the quality and how valuable it is.

On this premise, I present to you books that stand straight, head up on our busy streets, gorgeously dressed in expensive attires but carries little or no meaningful content all about.

Life is not all about the outward appearance of a person, there is a sincere need to check into the content of every man before you can conclude on how valuable the life of a man is

They roam about on our street with brooks and vintage shirts. Their fragrance can tempt a lady to give herself to them sheepishly yet their mind is tabularasa

Same goes for the feminine gender with Brazilian braid on the big head but empty brain, they stand tall on heels but carry the shortest mind.

In case you don’t know, “a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge”

I don’t want it to look like I’m attacking anyone’s personality here, I just want to intimate you with the reality of life.

It saddens my heart to meet a good number of personalities around that; the most difficult task for them is to give the best response to life’s challenges per time.

Life comes to us in different ways, manners and dimensions. Life will never demand for the best material in your wardrobe, it will never request for your make-up kit. Friends, life will always demand for one thing – that’s the stuffs you are made of.

Life challenges the best of men and the best of men tends to fail always but I tell you, the worst of gods will always kick the butt of life’s greatest challenge.

The least you should be is the worst of gods. Men are not miraculously transformed to gods and no one was born as god. Every god-men are made by nature and a little touch of nurturing.

Don’t get it twisted, these god-men differs not from the men we see around- in physique, stature, size, dressing and other physical appearance. What makes them god is how much they fill their minds and the kind of materials that filled the minds up.

No man on earth has an empty mind, the only thing is that; if your mind is filled with loads of junks and things that’s not standard enough to gain victory over life’s challenges and circumstances it differs not from emptiness.

The mind is the center of thought and it controls all the action of men. You are the product of your thought!!! Train your mind well ad you will rule he world.

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