Watching an adult comedy with a group of friends is a time well spent. Adult Comedy Movies are always fun to watch. We all have watched American Pie series while having a few beers with friends.

Indian Adult Comedy Movies

The genre of Adult (or Sex) Comedy is catching up pace quickly in India, not just in Bollywood (Hindi) but slowly in other places well. Here are the best Indian Adult Comedy Movies you can watch next time that bro-union happens. READ 10+ Controversial Indian Movies That You Might Find Amusing  

Mumbai Matinee (2003)

Mumbai Matinee (2003) is a story of a 32 years old man Debu who works as an advertising agent and is a virgin. He meets Baba Hindustani who promises to cure him. Nitin Kapoor films him while he was working out in the gym. He edits the film in such a way that it gives an impression that Debu is having sex. Soon the film goes viral, and Debu becomes a sex symbol. He later meets a girl Sonali and they fall in love with each other.

Masti (2004)

Masti (2004) is about three married guys who are fed up of their sex lives. One night they get together and decide to get away from their wives and relive their bachelor days. Soon they find out they are seeing the same girl – Monica. She starts blackmailing the guys and asks for money. Terrified from wives, the guys arrange the money and goes to the place where Monica is meeting them, and something unexpected happens.

Mixed Doubles (2006)

Mixed Doubles (2006) is a story of a man Sunil Arora in his 30s. He is married to a girl Malti and they have a son. Sunil starts feeling that he is getting old and is not able to satisfy his wife in the bedroom. When a friend of Sunil comes from the USA and tells him about how swinging has kept him physically young. Sunil starts connecting to possible swingers by responding to magazine ads while Malti is against it.

Dostana (2008)

Dostana (2008) is about two guys Sameer Kapoor and Kunal Chopra. Both of them meet each other at a friend’s place. While looking for a flat to rent they run into each other and both of them love it. The apartment belongs to Neha Melwani who lives with her aunt. Aunty refuses to rent the apartment because Neha wants only girl flatmates. They pretend to be a gay couple to get the apartment and what follows next creates a mess in their lives.

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Straight (2009)

Straight (2009) is a story of a man Pinu who owns a restaurant in London. Pinu is 40 years old and he is a virgin. He decides to get married to a girl in an arranged ceremony. Later on the marriage day, the girl elopes leaving a letter behind ridiculing Pinu and how he has no personality. He comes back to London and hires a lady cashier and develops feelings for her.

Delhi Belly (2011)

Delhi Belly (2011) is a story of three friends living in a shady apartment in Delhi. Tashi’s girlfriend asks him to deliver a package for her. The package gets mixed up with another package, and a bunch of ruthless gangsters torture the three boys. Delhi Belly was in the news because of its abusive language and a controversial song – Bhaag DK Boss in the film. The film will give you a good laugh with a pinch of suspense and thrill.

Vicky Donor (2012)

Vicky Donor (2012) directed by Shoojit Sircar is a movie about a guy Vicky who lives with his widowed mother and grandmother. His mother runs a small beauty parlor to run the family. Vicky’s mother is always nagging him about work. Dr. Baldev Chaddha who runs a fertility clinic discovers Vicky and asks him to donate his sperm in exchange for money. Vicky first hesitates but then agrees to donate because he is getting enough money. While Vicky was in a bank to deposit money, he meets a girl Ashima. Both of them gets talking and eventually falls in love with each other. Ashima later finds that Vicky used to donate sperm and leaves him. Later, Dr. Chaddha comes to rescue, and the couple reunites.

Sorry Teacher (2012)

Sorry Teacher (2012) is a Telugu Adult Comedy Film. The film is about a student who falls in love with his teacher Madhu (played by Kaavya Singh). He tries everything to impress and woo her. The film was the reason of many controversies because of its sexual content.

Hunterrr (2015)

Hunterrr (2015) is a story of a boy Mandar Ponkshe who is a sex addict. Mandar is interested in scoring one night stands, and his philosophy of love is only about sex. He starts liking a girl Tripti and later finds out that he is actually in love with her. Mandar lies about his past relationships to Tripti. When Tripti’s ex-boyfriend comes into the equation, Mandar starts feeling insecure and decides to confess to Tripti.

Guddu Ki Gun (2015)

Guddu Ki Gun (2015) is a story about a door-to-door washing powder salesman Guddu who is a ‘bihari’ living in Kolkata. Guddu is good with girls especially married homemakers. He does not believe in true love. When he ditches one of his girlfriends Bholi, her grandfather casts a black magic on Guddu. Because of his black magic, Guddu’s private parts turn into gold and the only way he can get rid of this curse is to find true love and stay faithful to her.

Trisha Illana Nayanthara (2015)

Trisha Illana Nayanthara (2015) is a Tamil Adult Comedy written and directed by Adhik Ravichandran. The film is about a guy named Jeeva. After getting dumped by two girls for different reasons, he leaves Chennai to go Kumbakonam. When he reaches Kumbakonam, he meets his ex-girlfriend and falls in love with her again.

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Lipstick Under My Burkha (2017)

Lipstick Under My Burkha (2017) is a story of four women in a small town of India. It chronicles the lives of four women including a 55-year widow who rediscovers her sexuality after having experienced phone sex. The film was the reason for a major controversy because of its content.

Let us know your favorite Adult Comedy Movies in the comment section below. To watch Indian Adult Comedy Movies, you have to leave your brains behind. Most of the movies in the above list are weak on the story part. But then who watches an Adult Comedy for the story.

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