Could the world’s current hottest rap beef be just a ploy to promote Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly’s projects? That’s what some conspiracy theorists believe. These days, you just can’t believe everything you read or hear about. For the last few weeks, Em and MGK have been going back-and-forth, dissing each other in “Killshot” and “Rap Devil” respectively. After Kelly’s name was brought up in “Not Alike,” he promptly released his response, which made people lose their minds. Shady pump-faked by saying he was taking his time with a reply, hitting us with “Killshot” a few days after his Sway interview. While we believe that their 6-year-old feud is just blowing up now after bubbling for so many years, others think that this was all planned.

There’s decent evidence supporting the claims too. The most basic theories point to Ronny J being the main producer of both diss tracks. Fans are also pointing out that both Em and Kellz are signed to Interscope, leading them to believe that the label had this up their sleeves the entire time.

Edward Bose@edwardbose

Just to let you know how business works…Eminem and MGK are both signed to INTERSCOPE RECORDS…if I have to say anymore to explain this you’re too stupid to by my fb friend

Tyler Jordan@iamTylerJordan

Eminem and MGK are both signed to Interscope and both used Ronny J as a producer on their diss tracks.

The most significant theory points to the dates each track was submitted on. One fan noted that “Rap Devil” was actually uploaded to MGK’s SoundCloud page six months ago and that it was simply taken off of private settings when it dropped. However, the page in question doesn’t appear to be Kelly’s official account. It is also worth mentioning that you can easily edit song titles and cover images on SoundCloud.

While a lot of feuds within the music industry are staged, this one seems a little unlikely. However, the theories do tie in with the bizarre updates we’ve received from MGK’s side in the last few days, including an altered video of boos during his performance and another where a man approaches him and punches his legwhile performing. What do you think?

niners all day!@Jerroldnthe209

What gossip….


That it’s all a ploy to get both of their sales up because they are both under interscope records and thats the only reason; MGK has a new EP on the 21st

Southpawer Official@Southpawer

Will somebody explain this? MGK’s diss was uploaded 6 months ago, it was just private until Sep 8.

This proves one of the following:

1) MGK had Eminem diss song long ago and was ready to release it as soon as Eminem mentioned him.
2) Beef is staged.

Doubt second option.